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It was a boring evening when our designer Kristina called with an idea. "Let's bring some fun to handmade world!". Our bags are created for women and girls who love colours and are not afraid to stand out.

Create work places

Every bag is made by hand. We are trying to find a way to create opportunity for stay at home leather craftsman and craftswomen. Every bag is created by only one person. We do believe in quality, not quantity.


We carefully select small pieces of leather which would be utilized otherwise. That’s why every model is unique.

Jules and Juicy

Skirmante: My motto is - I was born ready! I love creating a new brand and telling our story because it's very rewarding. I feel that giving a voice and face to the idea is what makes it alive. Juicy Jules is my passion!

Kristina: I am a born painter who's hobby is fashion! I live when i create. There is no such thing as impossible. I'm always creating different concepts and designs in my head. Love the fun side of this new project!